NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS, COLORS OR SWEETENERS • NO GLUTEN • NO GMOs, HORMONES OR ANTIBIOTICS • NO HIDDEN INGREDIENTS ® Available at the Shake/Smoothie Bar or at .com Single Serve Smoothies Get clean nutrition quickly and easily with Single Serve Smoothies from swiig! Making one of these tasty treats is simple – just add your choice of liquid to your blender jar, pour in the contents of the Single Serve Smoothie bag, add ice, and blend for a full 20-ounce shake! You’ll be ready in minutes with one of these full meals-to-go. With 10 flavors to choose from – including 2 Vegan options – you’re sure to find a Single Serve Smoothie for you. Quick, easy, and nutritious? Sounds like a smart choice. Clean Nutrition from Clean Sources Great Source of Calcium Easy to Make – Liquid, Ice, Blend & Go! Available in 10 Flavors: Caramel Cream Strawberry Banana Chocolate Mocha Triple Berry PB Banana Creamy Chai PB Chocolate Tropical Greens Vegan PB Chocolate Vegan Tropical Greens