2020 - Volume 4 Letter from the Founder 2 Enjoying Autumn's Bounty Nute Guru 3 Kids Nutrition Nutri-Facts 16 The Truth About Sugar The Good Life 18 Prepping School Lunches What We're Reading 5 Hello Sweetie 8 The Power of Nutrition 10 Crazy About Candy! 14 Artificial Sweeteners The articles and content contained in Nutrition Quarterly, specifically within “What We’re Reading” articles, may not strictly conform with Performance Food Center’s nutritional outlook. We frequently read and share articles containing opposing information and derive our nutritional philosophies from the latest science, the opinions of experts worldwide and our anecdotal experiences in the field. We keep an open mind and a strong affinity for fact-based evidence to help simplify the world of nutrition for you. 1 Nutrition Quarterly · 2020 – Volume 4 Table of Contents