NO GMO INGREDIENTS • NO ADDED SUGAR • NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS, COLORS OR SWEETENERS • NO GLUTEN • NO PRESERVATIVES Let's talk about Protein. Here at swiig, our founder believes that “You are what your food eats.” Because of this, we take the sourcing of our ingredients very seriously. Our proteins provide clean nutrition from clean sources, helping you build a better you every day! ® Available at the Shake/Smoothie Bar or at .com Whey Protein Clean, Non-denatured, Raw Proteins No GMO Ingredients No rBHG and rBST Hormones No Antibiotics No Soy One of the Most Bioavailable Proteins on the Market! Enzymes to Aid Digestion Mixes Easily & Tastes Great Plant Protein USDA Organic Vegan No GMO Ingredients No Phytosterols No Gluten Complex Source of Isolated Proteins Highly Bioavailable Mixes Easily & Tastes Great Too!