PINEAPPLE FUNCTIONAL FOODS • Pineapple is rich in Vitamin C, essential for growth and development, along with immune health. • Pineapple is a great source of Manganese, which helps maintain the metabolism. • Pineapple contains bromelain – an enzyme that helps ease digestion. Source: benefits-of-pineapple Miss the Boat Boat Drinks (Piña Coladas, Daquiris, Margaritas) are loaded with sugar and calories. Unless it is whipping up a nutritious fruit & protein smoothie, that buzzing noise coming from the blender should be a warning sign. With a content often topping 400 calories, these drinks can be your downfall even if you’ve picked the right BBQ foods. A typical beer has about 150 calories and a light beer is usually closer to 100 calories. If you want to splurge, pour some fresh homemade lemonade into a light beer to make a “Shandy”, and sip away. Beer is hydrating and there is some vitamin content in the lemonade. Not to mention that the lower sugar content than a Boat Drink will help keep your head from pounding the next day. Tend the End Dessert is a personal downfall, no matter what the event. When it comes time, at the party, for my friend Karen’s blueberry pie, resistance is futile. Luckily, we always have some fresh blueberries available as well. I’ll take half a slice of the pie with a scoop of fresh blueberries (I usually take some fresh whipped cream too…don’t tell) and I get the best of both worlds. Choosing fruit over sweets is a great way to make sure that your intake doesn’t go over the top. Watermelon, although high on the Glycemic Index, is fairly low in calories. I don’t know that I’ve ever attended a reputable BBQ that didn’t serve watermelon. Work it Out There’s a swimming pool over there, man…dive in. They’re playing horseshoes out back…go toss a few. Badminton anyone? Take advantage of any opportunity to get some exercise while the grilling goes on. Keeping your metabolism moving throughout the day is a great way to make sure that the day’s calories don’t tally against you. Typically, we don’t get a ton of chances to be outside for our meals, so take advantage of it and get a game of croquet going. Tally ho! Owen Rothstein is a Foodie & Nutrition Enthusiast. “You’re not eating all of the healthier appetizers and all of the entrees. Find a balance and your waistline will thank you.“ Nute Guru